Home Restoration

Home Restoration

We’re a people company in the construction industry committed to providing a level of service that builds customers for life. We build relationships before solutions, and believe the right way is the only way to deliver.


Known for our exceptional range of services from roof replacement to home storm restoration, our team is composed of skilled contractors, who are aware of the importance of maintaining your investment. Expect high quality, fast turnaround, and competitive rates. With Orange Roofing on the job, you’ll have your house back to its original state in no time.


When your fence has been damaged or showing signs of old age, we are here to help! We can repair and re-stain your fence or replace your old fence with a new upgraded version. Call Orange Roofing for your free evaluation and inspection.

Storm Damage Restoration

Storms can do a lot of damage to your roof and home. Whether it is hail or wind, our representatives are trained and experienced in evaluating storm damage, as well as assisting our customers with their insurance claim. After experiencing a bad storm, call Orange Roofing for your roofing and restoration needs.

Rain Gutters

From time to time, you will find it necessary to replace your gutters due to damage and wear from years of runoff and debris collection. Orange Roofing can replace your gutters after checking for evidence of splits & cracks, mildew, sagging and more.


Whether your siding has been damaged during a storm, or it’s just fading and makes your home look dull, you can call Orange Roofing to repair or replace it. We offer a variety of siding materials with different colors and finishes that we’re sure you’ll love.

Other Services

In addition to our listed services, you can count on Orange Roofing to help you with interior repairs or remodels as well. We are a licensed GC (General Contractor) with experience & expertise in whole-home restoration, and want to apart of your next project.